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The Story that this forum is based on

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Miracles Happen

"Well, I finished packing and it's only 2:00 PM. Tomorrow I'm going to only the BEST sleep away camp ever!!!!! I feel like reading my Quiz Fest magazine now. I'm going to look at the horoscopes first before I do a quiz. Hmmm... oh there it is! Aquarius! Love... You'll see a guy bud in a new light and start crushing big time! Oooook. Buds... You'll be the leader of your crew this summer. All your buds will listen to what you have to say. Interesting. Luck... Score! One of your dreams will come true this summer! Let's see... what is my dream... oh yeah! To meet a new guy that actually likes me back! Aquarius Guy... He'll be sending mixed signals. How confusing! Confusing is right! Ok, now I'm going to take a quiz and then my friend is coming over. Let's see... here's one! Where Will You Find Summer Love? Hmmm... (takes test and about 15 minutes goes by) Camp... 4 Concert... 2 Amusement Park... 3 Barbeque... 1. Well, not like this means anything, right? (Doorbell rings) Oh it's her! (A couple hours pass... now it's 9:00 PM) Bye Alexandra! See ya next week! Now it's time to go to bed. Well, goodnight!" Little did I know, this was going to be the best year at camp, AND my dream is going to come true.

"Oh no! It's 9:00 AM!!! I should've been up two hours ago! I have to get dressed quick!" (Gets dressed quick and puts lip balm on. Then looks at self in mirror) I was wearing a green shirt with a light green 2 on it. Sort of like a football jersey. The 2 was made of sparkles. There was light green stripes on the sleeves that was made of sparkles, also. Then I was wearing jean shorts. I had pink lip balm on and you could totally tell it was there. Then I ran upstairs. Then I put my bag in the car and we went to school although it was summer. In the parking lot, there was a school bus. That school bus was going to take us to camp. There were about 20 other kids. It took 4 hours and 30 minutes to get there! That's why we were leaving at 9:15. It's 9:13, I better get on the bus!!! I was the last one in the bus and I sat alone. I like sitting alone becasue if I get sleepy on the way there, I don't need to sleep on a friend or on the window. (Which is VERY annoying and uncomfortable)
4 hours and 30 minutes later...
"We're here! Yippee!" I ran, with my bag, to the cabin. I got a top bunk and my friend, Stacy, that I met on the bus, was on the bottom. It was 4:30. We get to relax and hang out. I decided to play some cards. Then I read my book. It's Do You Know the Monkey Man? Then it was 7:00. Time to go to dinner! When I was walking to the mess hall, I saw this guy, about my age, that I recognized. "Maybe he was here last year" I said to myself. After dinner we went to campfire. I wanted to talk to this guy, but he might think I'm weird if he didn't. I mean, recognizing a person you don't know? That would be kinda scary. So, I didn't. After campfire, we got ready for bed and then we went to bed. All night I kept thinking about that guy. Like, I liked him or something. But then I realized, he was looking at me! Almost like he was thinking the same exact thing! He did look like he wanted to talk to me at campfire, too! I wonder... do I know this guy?

This was the first normal day of camp. We were the junior girls and the junior girls always had class with the junior boys. That guy that seemed familiar was in the junior boys. Time to eat breakfast. I was wearing blue short shorts (It was hot up there. Even in the morning) and a tank top with blue and red stripes on it. An Abercrombie outfit
The guy was wearing an army t-shirt with basketball shorts. (they looked REALLY big on him!) He kept staring at me even when we were eating breakfast. He made me stare back. He was probably thinking what I thought last night. I wish I could meet him... The day went on and then after lunch, siesta, and 2 more classes, we had free time! "I'll go talk to him" I kept repeating to myself. But, I was too scared to, so I didn't. But what I didn't know was that he was thinking the exact same thing!

Tonight is the big night! The Campers vs. Counselors Basketball Game!!! I wonder if that guy and his friend like basketball. (Sorry I forgot to mention the guy's friend. He doesn't look familiar. I don't think he was here last year) We went through another normal day, FAST! "This is the big moment! Wait, I did hear him say that he was going to go swimming during the game. Okay! Time to get my bathing suit!" I said quietly. So I put on my bathing suit, got a towel, and ran to the swimming pool. (Right next to the girl's cabins... and boy's. But more girl's! lol) I met him there, (well, sort of) and jumped right in! He was playing a game with the volleyball. I decided to join him and his friend. We played that ALL night and we became friends. (Both him and his friend that is) Then while I was laying in bed, I thought "We are going to have the best friendship anyone could ask for." then I fell asleep not knowing that the best was coming

It was arts & crafts time. My favorite activity at camp! Nick & Tyler were sitting next to me. (The guy and his friend. guy-Tyler friend-Nick) I could tell that Nick was totally hitting on me. But I didn't know how to stop him. I tried to send signals that I'm not in to him, or Tyler, and that I just want to be friends. But, I had a strange, queezy feeling every time I talk to Tyler. Almost like I like him! Maybe I do... well, I'll just have to wait for the luau. Or tonight... Tonight is a very special campfire. We go to this place that is VERY peaceful and right next to the lake. The water shimmers in the sunset. Almost like its a lake of diamonds. The only problem was... the boys sat on one side of the bleachers, and the girls sit on the others. The juniors sat on the ends. Well, at least we could walk together. After that campfire, we really bonded. When I was lying in bed, I thought "I can't wait for the luau! He is so going to dance with me!" But she didn't know what to expect...

Just another normal day. But, liking my best guy friend... OMG! The magazine! It was right! It came true! OMG! (I freaked out) Well, now that 2 guy friends like me, and i only like 1, this is going to be harder then i thought. I told my friend for some advice. (I met her on the bus) We had to go to the monastery. (A big church like thing that nuns run and pray and is very fancy) We had to wear very fancy clothes, too. When I saw Nick I thought he was a disaster because of those skull pants and weird designed shirt. But, when I looked at Tyler... pure beauty of the perfect tux. (LOL) They both looked at me and Tyler's mouth almost dropped!!!! I could tell he was impressed. Then at night, in my bed, I thought "When tomorrow comes, I'll be mroe then ready" and then dozed off. But trouble was waking up...

Today was the most confusing day ever! Here's what happened. So, today was Olympics at camp. Tyler was on team 4 out of 8. Nick was on team 1 out of 8. I purposely made myself on team 4. Then we had a great time! Until free time that is. My friend blurted out my secret! Right in front of Tyler! He started talking to Nick and Nick threw a ball at my friend! "OMG! What a loser Nick is!" I thought. I went back to the cabin almost crying. Tyler's god sister was there. I told her what happened and she went out to find them and talk to them. When she got back, she said he wasn't mad (I thought he was mad or something) and that he likes me back! "I knew it!!" I thought. But then it would never be the same. At the luau, all the fast dances (rock songs and stuff) I danced with Tyler. Then he went back to his cabin and hung out there for the rest of the night. Then Nick asked me if he wanted to dance and it was a slow dance. "No! No! No! Loser! In your dreams!" I thought. "Sure" I said. "AHHHHH!! WHY DID I SAY YES?!?" I thought. Before it was time to go, he hugged me! I saw Tyler looking at me when Nick danced with me and when he hugged me. In bed I said to myself, "I wish it was Tyler that I slow danced with. I didn't even mean to say yes to Nick. I was going to avoid him! Why did I even bother to dress up, try to dance with Tyler, and even like anyone? Oooooh, I'm so miserable." Then I drifted to a the worst sleep ever! Not even aware that the worst was coming.

It was time to leave camp, and I REALLY wanted to ask Tyler to be my boyfriend. After we packed up and was ready to leave, Tyler pulled out a football ans started throwing it to his friends, but not Nick. Nick was coming over to me. Then, he asked if I could be his girlfriend!!!!!! "No way, jerk! In your dreams! I would never like a guy like you!" I thought. "Ummm... oook" I said. "OMG! Am I going buzzerk?!? I have seriously got to follow through with my thoughts!" I thought. So then I joined Tyler. At the time I had a splint on because I fractured my wrist. So, Tyler threw the ball to me, I caught it, I backed up until I was at the end of the field, (It isn't that big) and threw it! It went right threw Tyler's arms! But then I saw my bus, and that was it. I had to go and wouldn't see them for another year! My final words to Nick were, "see ya". My final words to Tyler were "I'll miss ya..." and under my breath, "I love you..." Then, I was gone... But at least I had their phone numbers. What I didn't expect was chaos is coming...

I was talking to Tyler on my cell phone. "I really want to break up with Nick, I don't even like him!" I said. "Well, why don't you?" he asked. "I kinda have a guilt problem." I said. "Just don't think about his feelings until after you hang up." He suggested. I smiled and then said "Yeah, I'll try that." "I'll hang up so you can call. Then call me back. Okay?" He said. "Alright" I answered.

I called and broke up with him and then called Tyler back. I asked him to be my boyfriend and he said yes! (A lot of other girls asked him that before and he said no) His friend called right after he answered me. (I can hear everything he says but can't hear what the other person is saying) His friend sounded REALLY surprised. Nick was SO mad! He really wants to get back with me and in the process is lieing about almost everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy my dream came true, but with a couple of down sides. I can't wait to see Tyler again!
Another day, another problem. Nick is SO crazy about me, he is desperate to get back with me! I keep trying to make him not like me, but the more I do it, the more he likes me! I talk to Tyler eveyday and tell him what's happening. We both try to make him stop, but he won't! I just wish he would stop. He keeps lieing to everyone, too! I've had it. Soon, I'm never going to talk to him again if he keeps lieing to try to get me back. GRRRRR!

Tyler calls me like 3 times a day, everyday. We go on cp and talk and stuff. Then Nick calls me 1 time a day. He goes on cp with me, too. He's still trying! (I'm kinda talking about this week) Lately, it's never been the 3 of us... only the 2 of us; Me and Tyler or me and Nick. (More Tyler tho) I really miss seeing both of them, but I'm kinda worried about Nick... I don't miss him as much... hehe. I just wish Nick would stop lieing and stop trying to get back together with me! It's SO annoying! (Got 2 check my emails... hold on... finish in a sec...) (6 minutes later) Anyways...
Another "Get back with me" email!!!!!! GRRR!!!!!! He is SOO annoying just because of that! RAWR!

Well, as you probably read, Nick is trying really hard to get back with me... Tyler and Nick are now rivals... all because of me! Nick used to think he was "A lady's man" before he met me and none of the girls liked him! Well, he keeps lying to me, so... I'm just either going to not answer his phone calls or email him and stuff like that, or just say one thing... STOP TRYING TO MAKE MY YOUR GIRLFRIEND AGAIN!

omj! i miss tyler SOOOOO much!
i wrote a song 4 him!

When I'm Around You

When I'm around you
I'm the happiest person I can be
But when it was time to leave
I just couldn't go
Even though I had to
Now without you I'm lost
Your the one that lights up my life
That I will always love

Your the shining star of my sky
Your the words to my book
Your the thoughts to my mind
Your the one thats taken over my heart

When I'm around you
I never get sad
Now I'm here and always longing for you
When I'm talking to you
It's not the same
oooohh, its not

Your the shining star of my sky
Your the words to my book
Your the thoughts to my mind
You the one thats taken over my heart

I could never stop thinking about you
I just could never seem to get you out of my mind
Now that I won't see you until next year
I can't stop thinking about you

Your the shining star of my sky
Your the words to my book
Your my thoughts to my mind
Your the one that's taken over my heart

ooooohh yea
Your the one that's taken over my heart

Well, that's the story, straight from WI!

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